Reynborg is on a mission to craft quality that is second to none: the Reynborg Warranty applies to all items in our catalog.

Warranty Terms

These warranty terms describe the basic terms and conditions of the Reynborg Warranty.

The guarantor is The Reinholz Company GmbH, Akazienstr. 3A, 10823 Berlin, Germany.

Your Reynborg Jewelry purchase is warranted by The Reinholz Company GmbH for a period of two (2) years from the date of issue of the sales receipt following these warranty terms.

The Reynborg Warranty covers material defects and production defects that already existed at the time of delivery of the purchased item from The Reinholz Company GmbH. The territorial scope of the warranty protection is worldwide.
To make use of this warranty, a valid dealer purchase receipt and a warranty card signed by the respective dealer must be submitted at via a warranty form together with a description of the defect.

Alternatively, we offer a warranty registration directly after purchase on the website, as mentioned above.

A pre-condition for claiming warranty service is examining the warranty case (e.g., by presenting or sending in the item). We will not reimburse possible shipping costs incurred for the inbound (to us, The Reinholz Company GmbH) shipment.

During the period of this warranty, we will repair any defect covered by the warranty free of charge upon warranty registration or upon presentation of valid proof of purchase and warranty card; we reserve the right to replace a defective item with a new one of identical or similar characteristics if the repair proves to be unsuitable or impossible.
Return shipping and repair or replacement are free of charge. Repair or replacement does not extend the duration of the original warranty.

Excluded from this warranty are:

  • normal wear and tear due to wear and aging (e.g., scratches in stainless steel, changes in color and/or material of non-metallic elements, flaking gold plating);
  • damage resulting from improper handling (e.g., washing in a washing machine, use of force, repair by the customer), lack of care, and accidents.

Further claims, e.g., for damage not covered by the above warranty, against The Reinholz Company GmbH are excluded.

The Reynborg Warranty does not affect or limit the customer’s rights under the statutory warranty rights, but instead expands it.